Our company Biodome Systems SRL designs and manufactures custom metal frame geodesic domes. Our goal is to create structures whose function is as important as their form and vice versa. The timeless design and alluring aesthetics of geodesic domes offer unsurpassed versatility. From the ultimate eco-home to a futuristic geodesic glasshouse; from a visitor attraction piece to a recreational space; from an indoor pool to a stellar observatory; from an outdoor classroom to a science lab - the possibilities are endless.

      Geodesic domes are extremely strong for their weight due to their omnitriangulated surface that provides an inherently stable structure, with a natural resistance to external factors like earthquakes up to 8.5 on the Richter scale , winds up to 320 km/h due to the aerodynamic shape and loads up to 20 tonnes per point of structure.
Geodesic domes utilize the power of natural geometry to make incredibly efficient structures. The spherical design results in highly efficient and effective air circulation in both summer and winter. Less surface area makes these buildings less susceptible to temperature changes, and thus, inexpensive to heat and cool as compared to rectangular homes. The aerodynamic exterior means that cold and warm air flows around the structure instead of forcing its way into the interior. They mirror the suns path thus maximizing solar gain all day, all year and they also distrubute perfectly heat and sounds.

The picture gallery above presents the Pollux model, with a diameter of 5 meters and a height of 2.5 meters above ground and a total height of almost 5m due to its below ground interior. All features are custom made, done to customer specifications, starting from the round door that provides excelent ventilation during summer, the stone walls that act as thermal mass during winter, the magnetic shades that can cool or protect from cold depending on the season and the round grass steps that provide a very confortable and green enterence.
Our company is based in Carei, Romania, and we build anywhere in the European Union.